animal: from the Latin animale, neuter of animalis animate, from anima soul

Chữ “animal” (động vật) bắt nguồn từ chữ latin animale, gốc của animalis: làm cho sống, từ anima: linh hồn

This blog started out as a sort of scrapbook for me to compile whatever I find interesting relating to animals, human, science, health, Vietnam, art, etc. in the process of researching for the project Art in Global Health, initiated by the Wellcome Trust, and which will take place in HCMC in Nov 2012

From Animals, Human, Science, Health, Vietnam, Global connectivity, to Art.

This blog is a compilation of research material, behind-the-scene process, and a record of my findings, experimentation, and questions. Hopefully jotting them all down will help me organize information and reach the blissful point of being able to weave all of this into one fantastic visual work.

photo: exhibiting with live animals, Richard Serra’s Animal Habitats: Live and Stuffed. 1966

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