animals in vietnamese propaganda posters

Last year I had the chance to visit some Vietnamese artists of the older generation. Many of them aside from training in the classical style, were also trained to design propaganda posters and at some point or another were employed by the state to produce propagandas. Some had famous pieces that were circulated throughout the countries.

Most of the propagandas geared towards war efforts and were very militaristic, what caught my eyes were the colorful pieces promoting farming and agriculture designed by the artist dual Minh Phương and Dương Anh. I’ll try to dig up a few photographs I took of their works.

For now, here’s a few I pulled from the internet. There’s no specific date on the posters but judging on the style, they were probably produced before 1975.

Develop poultry farming

Good rice, fat pigs, chicken in flocks. Contribute to building a prosperous village

Strong fat buffalos and cows, better productivity

Our sea is rich and beautiful. Promote fishing in Vietnam.


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