joseph beuys and the coyote

Joseph Beuys’ performance Coyote: I like America and America likes me, 1974. Photo by Caroline Tisdall. In this performance Beuys spent 3 days and 3 nights in a cage with a wild coyote at the René Block’s New York Gallery.

“He had only a shepherd’s staff and a blanket of felt for protection.  Over the course of their cohabitation, Beuys is able to tame the wild coyote, and at one point the coyote actually lays harmlessly upon his lap.  In this remarkable piece the wound is recognized and healed.  As one commentator puts it, this encounter becomes a ‘reconciliation between the New World and the Old World, fraternization between different races, animal and man, nature and culture.'” (quote from transposition.)

  1. christoslinou said:

    I’m fascinated by the work Coyote of Joseph Beuys, as I am preparing a durational performance research.
    Your blog is great do you have other information and the artist

    • motmi said:

      Thank you for your comment. I’m very sorry for my late reply. I have been busy and neglecting this blog. A great book to read about Joseph Beuys is ‘What Is Art?: Conversation with Joseph Beuys’, ‘Beuys In America’ is another great book that details his performance with the Coyote.

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